Brazil Case Study- Preventing AIDS

Topics: AIDS, HIV, Safe sex Pages: 3 (1393 words) Published: November 14, 2014
Case Study – AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival
MARK 4325-002
November 12, 2014
Group: Seong-eung Lee, Patricia Ortiz Mucino, Monica Romo, Brittni Johnson. 1. Comment on the Brazilian and Indian government’s strategies for the prevention of AIDS via the marketing of condoms. The strategies that the Brazilian government has implemented to prevent and combat AIDS via the marketing of condoms have been beyond successful. Chequer, a Health Ministry official said the Health Ministry would spend $300 million next year, distributing medicine and 250million condoms and bringing AIDS awareness campaigns to the urban slums, where the disease is most rampant. Brazil knows how crucial it is to combat this epidemic and the importance of doing it as soon as possible. Half a million Brazilians are infected with AIDS and millions more are at high risk of contracting it. Our group believes a really smart move on the part of the Brazilian government is to attack the problem more aggressively during the country’s annual Carnival since it is considered a period of increased sexual activity. The ministry not only distributes millions of condoms during that month but also offers free advice on how to prevent the spread of AIDS in areas like Rio de Janeiro’s sambadrome, where bare-breasted dancing girls attract millions of spectators every year. Brazil is a predominantly Catholic country but in order to be successful in preventing this disease one cannot be cowardly, 20 million condoms are given away every month and one of the main targets of this strategy are the ladies and gentleman of the night. A really valuable asset that Brazil counts on is its volunteers; about 500 charities and voluntary groups devoted to AIDS. Another strategy Brazil uses is drug treatment at no cost even though the costs are extremely high, regardless, the government says that inaction would be more expensive. The government is actually saving money implanting these strategies compared to the costs that would...
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