HR strategies
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United Parcel Service - Question Page 69
1. UPS achieve competitive business strategy via internal promotions and assignment of broad job duties. Their employees are more than employees and as a result of internal promotions, loyalty of the employees’ (Loyal Soldier Strategy) increases. Assignment of broad job duties affects teamwork positively.
2. Employer/employee relationship is critical for UPS, connection is the key word for them. Connection inside the company builds the teamwork.
3. Successfully coaching people is critical to the company’s success. Managers must be empathetic to one of the largest and most diverse employee workforces. They must be team builders. For all of these reasons training and experience is so important because it’s not something that can be gotten from books.

Mountain Bank - Question Page 70
1. Cost leadership strategy is important for Mountain Bank. While being larger, lowering the cost would be efficient and so smaller bank wouldn’t be able to compete. On the other hand, the differentiation strategy of a business is a predetermined set of actions designed to produce and deliver goods or services to customers who perceive the company’s offering as different. Tellers can create a unique value for customers by cross-selling.
2. Tellers are the biggest asset of the Mountain Bank, because they play a key role on customer satisfaction with all their knowledge and front line contact. They are trying to do cross-selling by introducing other products to the already established customers. For all of these reasons reducing high turnover rate is needed. In addition, tellers want more empowerment within the bank.
There should be two way communication between tellers and managers of the bank. This would give more responsibility to the teller because they receive more information. And they are encouraged to make suggestions about the processes done, since they have a first-hand knowledge if something is not working well. In addition

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