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During the last decade, banking became the most competitive industries of Bangladesh with a huge amount of growth. A large number of new banks have made their way in the industry and yet there are more to come. In such a highly competitive service industry, ‘customer satisfaction’ is a very important factor to consider. High customer satisfaction and loyalty give an organization a better base than its competitors and allows it to flourish in the industry.

This project deals with the ‘service quality’ and ‘customer satisfaction’ of ONE BANK LTD. Data has been collected on the basis of the questionnaire and a survey was conducted. Then the results of this survey are analyzed to identify the most important aspects of the service and determine different factors of overall satisfaction. Finally, a set of recommendations is given on the basis of the analysis of the survey, to improve the overall service quality according to customers expectations and thus satisfy its customers better.


❖ The main objective of this study is to determine the customers’ expectation level as well as their satisfaction level towards ONE BANK LTD.’s services. ❖ Also, the key attributes that influence customer’s decision in selection of the organization for banking. ❖ Then, based on the customer survey, recommending strategies to improve the overall service standards, of ONE BANK LTD. & thus, increasing customers’ satisfaction level.


Since, banking industry is a highly service oriented industry, its overall success depends on the customers’ satisfaction regarding its service & perceived image of the banking services. So, no matter how good the bank’s management or employees are, if it can not create a good image in the minds of the customers & can not maintain its standards as promised, then it won’t be able to increase its market share & loyalty among customers. Therefore, this study will help to determine the various aspects of service level that influence overall satisfaction level of the customers and finally will recommend ways to improve them so that the bank can become even more successful in increasing customer loyalty.


ONE BANK LTD. can attract more customers & retain the existing customers by improving its service quality through focusing on the attributes that are mostly preferred to the customers and therefore, reducing the gap between customer’s expectation & satisfaction level regarding ONE BANK LTD.’s services.

Study Design
The purpose of the research is to identify, evaluate the services of ONE BANK LTD.concerning the issue of its present strategies and prospect. The research focused on the services provided by ONE BANK LTD.To collect the primary data the following steps have followed to obtain the research objective • Interview with key informant that is the senior official of ONE BANK LTD. in order to collect information about the services. • Finally to know the customers overall understanding about the quality of service of ONE BANK LTD.

Secondary data

To collect the secondary data I had to depend on the various libraries. Thus the secondary data that used in the project was taken from different books on marketing, TQM; strategic management etc. different journals regarding strategic issues were used to support the theory and logic. And at the same time newspapers were also used for various information. Many website also used to collect different data.

Primary Data

In order to collect the primary data the following methods have been followed.

• Key informant (senior officer of ONE BANK LTD.)
• Questionnaire


In order to conduct an effective research it is very important to design the research properly. In the preceding the research methodology has been elaborated. Key informants of the ONE BANK LTD. have been...
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