How To Write A Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay
In this semester of English, I wanted to do better than my last. I wanted to become a better writer, a better researcher, and a better communicator. Writing and researching has always been hard for me, so I knew I would have to work hard on all my assignments. I never really thought about myself as a writer, and if I needed to communicate information I would have done it in person. But when I started college and entered my first English class I knew that would have to change. English 101 was a little more difficult for me than English 102. Each essay had a deeper meaning and for me, that made it much harder. When I got into 102 I had a little bit more freedom on what I wanted to write and research. Because of this, I became a better writer....

I only wrote when I had to, and even then it was never very good. This semester I discovered the reasoning behind my ‘poor’ writing skills. I wasn’t writing about anything I was interested in. All throughout high school, every writing assignment I had was pick by my teachers and I really had no say in the topic or format or style of the writing. That changed this semester. I had the opportunity to choose and research something I found interesting to me and write about what stood out to me. I wrote this semester’s research paper about birth control, which is a topic I am interested in. In years past, when it came to research, I never really had the chance to express my interests. Although we did have a general essay about empathy this semester, it was still assigned to us in a way that I could easily make it into a topic that related to me and could be written in a way that wasn’t too controlled. Now that I know my writing needs to be personally interesting to me, I know what to write about in the...
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