How to Grow Taller at Any Age

Topics: Physical exercise, Arginine, Growth hormone Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Grow taller by 3 to 6 inches after Puberty!!!!! 5 Simple exercises that will increase your height naturally at any age. I guarantee!!!! If you have a desire to grow tall and add a few inches to your height naturally through exercises, this is the Hub for you. Whatever your age may be, the exercises given in this article will help you gain extra height through natural exercises. These workouts are scientifically proven to increase height even after puberty, if done properly and regularly. By stretching and flexing your body, these exercises will stimulate your body to secrete HGH(Human Growth Hormone), which will increase your body height. 1. VERTICAL HANGING:

This is a simple but an extremely effective stretching exercise which you can do at your home. All you need to have is a solid bar strong enough to hold an individual, fixed at least 7 feet above the ground such that the distance between your feet and the floor is atleast 4-6 inches. Hold your arms neither closer nor wider and start hanging. Hold as long as you can, and as you begin to tire, slowly swing back and forth and try to touch the ground with your feet. This will flex your spine and elongate it, so that you can add few inches to your height Make sure that you flex your spine while stretching, and not merely twisting your wrists Perform the Workout 3 times a week for optimal results

This is basically a Yoga exercise intended to stretch your spine and make it supple and flexible, so that the cartilage between your vertebrae grows thereby increasing your vertical height Lie on the floor face down with palms on the floor under your shoulders. Begin to arch your spine up leading with your chin. Arch as far back as possible. Do 3-4 repetitions with each repetition lasting between 5-30 seconds

This is an excellent workout to stretch your spine and lengthen your upper body. Apart from your spine, it also stretches and lenghthens the vertebrae of your...
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