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In an article written by Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times called “Stretching: The Truth”, she talks about stretching and the true health benefits that it brings the body. The article talks about the proper ways to stretch, warm up, and cool down for whatever activities you are planning to partake in. The article talks about how Duane Knudson, a professor of kinesiology at California State University looked at athletes who warmed up and stretched all over campus. He was discouraged with...

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Benefits of Stretching

Almost any athlete will tell you that they have had to stretch while playing for their coach; most prominently static stretching. Do these stretches help athletes perform at a higher level? Do they keep athletes from injury? Several researchers are out to prove that these stretches maybe don’t have the impact that coaches and trainers have been thinking that they do. Although upon hearing that the pre workout, pre exercise routine of millions of athletes might be for nothing is pretty hard to believe...

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Plantar Fasciitis Stretching Essay

heel and develop microscopic tears. Plantar Fasciitis Stretching is important for rehabilitation from plantar fasciitis. Practising routine, periodic stretching exercises on the plantar fascia ligament, back of the foot and calf muscles, very often lessens the tension in the damaged ligament and helps the healing. It is likely to see people suffering from plantar fasciitis with diminished range of ankle motion and tight calf muscles. Stretching these areas cuts down the probability of re-injury....

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The Pros And Cons Of Stretching

The scalpelling method is the use of a scalpel to cut the edge of the fistula to expand its diameter (“Stretching (body piercing)”). This method is often used for ear piercings. It is used to alter the placement of a large piercing, to combine two existing piercings into one, and to achieve a higher gauge piercing when scar tissue or the tissue is too thin to stretch (“Stretching (body piercing)”). The scalpel and taper method takes place after a piercing or a scalpelling. A large taper is inserted...

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Stretching: Muscle Building Routines

Today, millions of people have discovered the benefits of stretching. Over the last years, studies have shown that people that live these active lives live fuller lives. In fact, studies show that a lack of physical activity directly relates to many major illnesses and death. Before the Industrial Revolution, people actually had to work hard to get their needed amount of movement. After the Revolution, it became a different story. People no longer needed to work physically to make a life for themselves...

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Flexibility: Exercise and Stretching Passive Stretching

In attuning the central nervous system (CNS) to the physical demands placed upon it, opposing muscle groups work in a more synergistic or coordinated fashion. Flexibility training also reduces muscle soreness. Recent studies have indicated that stretching is extremely effective in reducing localized, delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise. When it comes to the big three of exercise, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, it is pretty clear which one can get overlooked...

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Effects of Yoga vs Manual Stretching on Low Back Muscle Tightness

Comparison of Yoga and Manual Stretching as Treatment for Tight low- back Muscles of selected students of UERMMMCI-CAReS Introduction In recent years, researchers have become increasingly interested in the study of treatments for tight back muscles. Tight back muscles have always caused people uneasiness, irritability and limited motion. Pain is also felt when a person has tight back muscles and results to affecting an individual’s activities of daily living. The back muscles keep the body...

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Important of Breathing During Cardio-Kickboxing

amount of oxygen thus, ensuring all parts of the body receiving the right amount of oxygen and ensures all body parts get rejuvenated. When warming up for every cardio-kickboxing session, it is crucial that one breathes slowly and deeply during stretching to expand the lungs fully when inhaling through nasal passages and exhaling through mouth. With more oxygen in the blood, one will feel less fatigue when working out. And, an increase in heart rate indicates that the body is ready for any intense...

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The Basic Fitness Test

fitness certain individuals may find the first part of the BFT too demanding thus making them fatigued and at a clear disadvantage prior to commencing the second part of the test. If the first part of the test is to be part of the warm up then surly stretching of the muscles should be incorporated in this, No matter how physically fit we are everyone is prone to injury when not properly warmed up. Warm up is an important part of prevention of injury. You may not be an Olympic athlete but it is just as...

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Static Stretching during Warm-up for Elite Athletes

Should static stretching be solely used during a warm-up for elite athletes? Warming-up is a universally acknowledged and accepted practice (B. Young & G. Behm, 2002). A warm-up is a period of time an athlete, beginner, intermediate and elite all use in order to prepare themselves before a training, performance or event. The objective of warming-up before physical activity is to prepare the athlete physically and mentally to perform at their optimum; it allows the temperature of your muscles...

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