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How to Find a Writing Topic Problem-Solution Essays

Oct 08, 1999 380 Words
How to Find A Writing Topic Problem-Solution Essays

Have you ever received a problem-solution essay where you cannot think of anything to write? Although many of the forty million students in America go through this at one time or another, don't despair! There are several systematic ways to find a writing topic. Some topics take no research at all. Let's look at a few of them.

First, the local newspaper may contain some interesting articles. The newspaper can be used as a utility to the writing process. Problems will present themselves in many newspaper articles. Articles will most likely contain many facts and quotations about a certain problem making the subject easily researchable in a short time. People must be careful, though, when using the newspaper. Many other people may use it as a source and you may find yourself writing about the same thing as someone else.

Another solution might be to write in regard to your own past experiences that have involved problems and solutions. They may be problems you have had with your parents or siblings. A problem could be that you cannot decide on something and have to make a tough decision. Writing about a decision that you made about clothes will suffice. But in the view of someone else, the problem may seem insignificant.

Both previous solutions may in some cases fail. If so, writing about not knowing what to write and how to solve that may lead to the best alternative. It may look as if the assignment was quickly jotted down due to the fact that there is no research to do, but if it is well written it can turn out to be a very good essay. When specific information is needed there are many things that could be doctored to suit the needs of the article. As Garrett Hardin said, "There is no moral obligation to conserve the particulars."

A newspaper article may be easiest place to find problems. It will provide details and information quickly. When writing about your own experiences, you will have all the details that you can remember. On the other hand, writing about not knowing what to write can be quite effortless. The easiest thing to think of is thinking itself.

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