how to effectively manage diversity

Topics: Management, Discrimination, Business Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Managing diversity in the workplace means bringing together people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions and age groups into a cohesive and productive unit. Advances in communication technology, such as the Internet and cellular phones, have made the marketplace a more global concept. In order to survive, a company needs to be able to manage and utilize its diverse workplace effectively. Managing diversity in the workplace should be a part of the culture of the entire organization (Root, 2015). Businesses that fail to successfully manage diversity will suffer economic and social consequences. A workplace culture that allows low morale, employee turnover, harassment, discrimination, absenteeism, and disruption to work teams results in a loss of productivity. When individuals are marginalized or isolated by their co-workers and/or managers because of cultural differences, the outcome is a loss of productivity, business opportunities and the potential for charges of harassment and discrimination (McArthur, 2010). To surpass these risks and effectively manage diversity, George and Jones (2014) believe that managers (and other organizational members) must possess or develop certain attitudes and values and the skills needed to change other people’s attitudes and values. These two authors go on to describe the steps that managers can take to change attitudes and values and promote the effective management of diversity. Step one is to secure top management commitment. Top management commitment to diversity is crucial for the success of any diversity related initiatives. Top managers need to develop the correct ethical values and performance or business-oriented attitudes that allow them to make appropriate use of their human resources. Step two is to strive to increase the accuracy of perceptions. Managers should consciously attempt to be open to other points of view and perspectives, seek them out, and encourage their subordinates to do the same. Organizational...

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