Managing Diversity

Topics: Black people, White people, African American Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: December 16, 2009
Barriers and Challenges to Managing Diversity
In read the Barriers and Challenges to Managing Diversity there was several problems present at Cityside Financial Services. One the problem was how the Sales Division was divided. When the investor banker brought the company it was mostly white. Two different units were created in sales which one catered to rich clients and other one serviced the local community. Knowing that neighborhood was once predominantly white things has changed over the years. Know that the neighborhood is mostly black Cityside thought it would be a great idea to have African-American employee mostly on the Retail area. Also, there was problem in hiring mostly women and black employees from the community. In my opinion, just because the neighborhood in mostly blacks it doesn’t mean that your staff has to be that way. There thinking was that since the neighborhood is mostly black now we would have black employees to services them. This in my mind created inaccurate stereotypes and prejudice has presented in Managing Diversity.

Another barrier was ethnocentrism. This problem left the employees feeling that one group was superior over the other group. The Deposits group were made up of mostly whites with wealth people have these accounts, In my opinion this made the Retail group led to believe they could handle these accounts. Being that Retail area is mostly African-American I can see where the tension might come to play. Having one set of rules for Deposits group and another set of rules for Retail group created a big problem. As noted in the case study the people in the Deposits positions were perfect for the whites because they are considered to be smart and hardworking. And on the other hand in the blacks were thought of has someone that just need a salary.

The effects quickly turned in race when Cityside brought up the idea of cross-over training. There has never been a African-American employee in the management...
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