How to Build a Computer

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How to Build a Custom Desktop Computer
Most people believe that building a desktop computer is difficult or complicated, even though that is not really the case. It takes a basic understanding of how to use a screw driver, read manuals, and know a little about basic hardware and software. Building your own computer has its ups and downs. Building a computer one’s self can save money, because then you do not have to pay someone else to do it. Also, when building the computer, you need one hundred percent control over what is inside the computer hardware and software-wise. While building a Personal Computer (PC) is somewhat easy, building a MAC is not because Apple usually controls parts and software too much.

First, it is important to get the right parts together; you cannot simply put random parts together and expect them to work. Building a computer requires some research into the types of hardware and software that are needed. Selecting the right configuration, whether your computer will be a gaming machine, internet surfer, work computer or used for graphics design, you should design your computer to fit your needs. Gaming machines and graphics design computers tend to need more hardware than internet and work computers because they run programs that use a lot of the hardware. Next, think about processor type. Intel’s processors are usually the better built processors, but cost more; whereas AMD’s cost less, but are considered the “Fords” of PCs because of the fact that most PC experts believe AMD processors to be weak compared to Intel Processors. Now, think about what type of graphics you desire, onboard or a graphics card. Onboard graphics have less capacity than graphics cards do, but are cheaper because it is a part of the motherboard. This brings you to motherboards; determine if you need performance or not. Motherboard prices range from $70.00 to $400.00. Power supplies can be the easiest component. Most new systems need 450 watts or more, while...
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