How to Build a Robot

Topics: Cadmium, Rechargeable battery, Nickel-cadmium battery Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Have you always wanted to build your own robot? Oh of course you have, what person in their right mind hasn’t dreamed of playing catch with the magnificent C-3PO? Well even though he is amazing, I personally cannot create such a robot. However, a more R2D2-esque model is in my creative arsenal. Yes, it is difficult to build even a small robot, but don’t be discouraged.

To start, you must gather a few easy to find and necessary materials. Grab yourself some high-quality glue, Velcro, dual-lock tape, an old remote control (perhaps one from a broken toy car), a pair of wheels, a simple base, and a regular old nickel cadmium battery if you happen to have one lying around somewhere. After retrieving these items, you may proceed to building your clunky new robot. Take two pieces of Velcro and use some Elmer’s to affix them to the top and bottom of the base of your robot. This should be in the center of the base, you know, away from the perimeter and where the wheels are located. Then, place your nickel cadmium battery on the bottom of the base and fasten it to your trusty Velcro. Attach a receiver to the top of the robot's base on the other piece of Velcro. You’re going to need a receiver and controller combo that allows this little robot to move at least four to six different ways. Your receiver and controller combo should be able to handle at least 4-way communication, allowing for your robot to move left, right, up, and down. If it’s more than four, your robot will have the ability to achieve more demanding degrees of movement. Now for something slightly more demanding, servos. Don’t know what that is? It’s okay; they just power your robot, no big deal. It’s highly recommended to apply two servos, instead of one. Why? I’m not sure; I’ve never tried it any other way. Anyways, just attach the servos to your wheel base with dual-lock tape near opposite sides of the wheel base, by the wheels and edges, and you’ll be good to go. Moving on, wire all the components to...
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