My Ideal Computer

Topics: Apple Inc., Macintosh, Operating system Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: January 16, 2011
This paper will explain why and what the computer will be used for. The computer will be used for business as I’m the manager of a call center, and it would also be used for videos and for me to be able to get internet as well. I would go with a MacBook Pro (Apple 2010), but I would want the screen to be an 18” but keeping the same half an inch slim design, and yes MacBook doesn’t have an 18” but since this is my ideal computer 18” is perfect. I would like this computer to be as thin as MacBook Air which is the world’s thinnest computer. Battery life is very important so having good computer life is essential. I would want it to have the battery life of the 13” Macbook Pro which lasted up to 10 hours at a time unlike the 17” Mac which only gets 8-9 hours of time. Speed is very important as well It must have the new Intel Core i5 and i7 processors which the fastest dual-core processors around for the Mac notebooks. I5 and i7 processor even has a feature where you can Turbo Boost which increases the speed from a 2.66GHz to a 3.33GHz. Since I will be using this computer for my pictures as well as videos I would want the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 33M which is a graphics processor and it’s the fastest on the market for Mac, which I used all the time it has 48 processing cores and can go up to 512MB of video memory alone, the great thing about this it doesn’t even slow down the computer at all, NVIDIA GeForce 320M (Apple,2010) is very energy- efficient as well which will help with much needed battery life. Making sure there is a large hard drive will be helpful for saving files, my personal MacBook will have 500GB of storage. The main software I will need on the computer is first iPhoto (Apple,2010) which is one of my favorite software to use hands down it runs with Mac OS X operating system and if you ask me the best operating system...

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