Mac Mini Marketing Plan

Topics: Apple Inc., Marketing, IPod Pages: 10 (3176 words) Published: March 26, 2008
Marketing Strategy for
Apple’s Mac Mini

1.Executive Summary
Our objective is to build a highly loyal customer base for the Apple’s Mac Mini as the family management and networking system of choice. This is based on a strategy to delight customers through a customer needs based marketing strategy so that customers will give us repeat business throughout their life, and refer our products and services to their family and friends.

2.Current Marketing Situation
The Mac Mini is a different direction in the way Apple Computer Inc. has showcased their product over the years. The original designers of the Macintosh had a vision that a $500 dollar computer could be built which exemplified efficiency, uniqueness, and simplicity with a reasonable market price. It is the lowest cost personal computer ever sold by Apple and it represents a change in Apple’s business model. The Mac Mini has the potential to become a staple in everyone’s household similar to the iPod. Made in Taiwan, the Mac Mini looks to boost Apple’s profits up again just as the iMac did in the 1990’s. The market and time will only tell. The Mini represents a revolution in technology and can change the market dramatically if a mass amount of people purchase it the way iTunes changed music distribution and the way the iPod has become a mainstream item all around the world.

2.1. Market Description
Apple Computers, founded in 1976 introduced the Macintosh family in 1984 and today makes consumer, professional, and educational computers. The Mac mini is the company's consumer sub-desktop computer, introduced in January 2005 and designed to motivate Windows users to switch to the Macintosh platform. Since it’s inception in January 2005 the Mac Mini has been marketed as the little brother of more advanced Macs (iMac and Power Mac), meaning both smaller and less powerful. Apple understands that people purchase the Mini not just because of money but because every Mac Mini user can place their Mini in the living room in an easy space that is convenient and still is stylish. The Mac Mini is being sold without a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Many critics argue that buying the extra necessary items will put the price fairly high. That is a fact with first time computer buyers probably getting a better value by buying a complete system such as Apple’s iMac or PC. Apple isn’t however looking for first time buyers but people who are as Apple refers to as “switchers.” These are the people who currently own an old PC and are starting to think about upgrading. They are looking for an affordable upgrade and already have the keyboard, mouse, and monitor to go along with the Mini. The Mini represents a great option for someone who has an old PC and is looking for an affordable upgrade. It had built- in Ethernet and Firewire ports which many low costs PC’s do not have and this allows you to plug in a DV camcorder or hook up to a broadband connection instantly.

2.2. Product Review
The Mac Mini is the most affordable and compact computer offering from Apple ever. It weighs only 2.9 pounds and sits just two-inches high. A retail price starting at $599 makes the Mac mini attractive to an entirely new segment of computer users. However, it’s compact form and affordable price does not sacrifice power. Inside, the machine boasts a PowerPC G4 processor, slot- load combo DVD-CDRW Drive, up to 80 gig hard drive, a speaker and is configurable with Airport Extreme and Bluetooth wireless communications. It is a BYODKM(Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse) system, so you can choose any combination of new devices. The design’s streamlined aesthetics complement Apple’s existing product line. It has an extremely friendly design which many consumers should take a liking to. Wherever you may store your Mini it’s compact size, quiet operation and lower power usage are all real benefits in which this computer excels. The Mac Mini software is also a...
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