How Microsoft Mathematics Works

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Your students’ interest will

with Microsoft® Mathematics 4.0.
While teachers are under pressure
to raise math and science test
scores on standardized tests,
many students find math their
most frustrating subject. With
Microsoft Mathematics, teachers
can equip students with the tools
they need to grasp the concepts
behind the correct answers.
When that happens, students’
engagement and comprehension
can rise exponentially.



Encourage. Visualize. Solve.
Microsoft Mathematics is a
free, powerful computer
algebra system with a
friendly user interface. It
works in parallel with your
teaching to help students
stay engaged in math and
science. Algebra and
geometry students benefit
from fast, clear
while more
Top 3
students get
to use it
help in subjects
such as calculus,
trigonometry, physics,
and chemistry.

1) Free and easy.
Microsoft Mathematics is a free
download that’s easy to install.
It works with PCs and Windows®
operating systems. The approachable user interface is arranged in a familiar Microsoft Office style.
Menus are clearly organized and
functions are easy to find.

2) Step-by-step learning.
Teachers can use Equation Solver
to demonstrate step-by-step
solutions to many math problems,
from pre-algebra to calculus.
Microsoft Mathematics shows
students every step on the path
to the right answer. Increasing
understanding is the first step
toward improving test scores.

3) Powerful visualization tools.
A serious graphing calculator is
built in. Teachers can capture
students’ imaginations with
dynamic color visualization of
complex math problems.
Students can take advantage of
full-fledged graphing capabilities,
including Cartesian, spherical, and
cylindrical 3D options.


A clearer path to understanding math.
As students advance, Math can become overwhelming, even for some students who excelled at lower levels. Microsoft Mathematics empowers students to engage with potentially intimidating problems, giving them the tools not only to arrive at the right answers, but to understand how they got there.

3) Intuitive interface.
Microsoft Mathematics has a powerful
computing engine but a friendly user
interface. Menus of commands are
presented in a way that will be
immediately familiar to users of
Microsoft Office applications. And it’s
easy to hide functions that a student
won’t be using until next semester or
next year.
4) Help at home.
Microsoft Mathematics can serve as a
homework aid for students, helping
to reinforce concepts they learned in
class. Parents, who often have a
harder time helping with math than
with other subjects, can use Microsoft
Mathematics to refresh their skills and
help students prepare for the next test.

1) Zero in on answers, step by step.
Microsoft Mathematics helps you
guide students along every step
toward the solution of a problem.
A worksheet area lets students work
through math equations and


expressions, saving their work for
later review. As they retrace their
steps, they develop the kind of
comprehension that leads to
deepening curiosity, not just higher
test scores.

2) Assistance close at hand.
Thorough tutorials help students
understand, practice, and excel at
new math concepts. A handy library
of formulas and equations offers
instruction and help for more than
a hundred common equations,
eliminating a major source of
frustration and confusion.

Make math visual.

The students
have the tools
now to create
a customized movie where
the picture oscillates backand-forth from two quadric
surfaces such as a hyperbolic
paraboloid, and an elliptic

Students grasp math
concepts better when
they’re presented visually.
That’s why Microsoft
Mathematics has a
full-featured graphing
calculator built in. It’s...
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