Basic Functions of Computers.
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Week 1 Assignment 2 DQ1:
This week we were introduced to the basic functions of our computers. The three things I learned are: 1. I’ve always known that our computers come preloaded with the operating system, although I didn’t know that the Microsoft applications I have on my computer are compatible on a MAC. For example, MS word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel. 2. One of the things I found important to share with others was the use of external storage devices. I learned the hard way my senior year of H.S. that it’s very important to back your computer on a external device such as a USB Drive, an external hard drive (this is basically a replacement hard drive) or on disc which is sometimes pretty long if you have a lot of things save on your computer. I highly recommend the USB Drive. 3. Also another important thing to me was that we should make sure that we are saving our documents, whatever it may be, in a place we remember. It’s sometimes so easy to just click save and close out and not pay attention to where the file is being saved and then later on we are looking for it. I create lots of folders under my document tab and just save my files there for easier access.
For this assignment the program I used was Microsoft Word. I decided to try three things on here that I haven’t really tried before. 1. The first thing I played with was the watermark feature that as you can see is in the background on this document. I did this by going to the Page Layout tab. And then going over to page background to watermark. I added my own customer watermark by going to custom watermark. When clicking on customer watermark you can change the font, color, horizontal or diagonal as well as the transparency. 2. -------------------------------------------------
The second thing I used was this page border which I added for just this paragraph or section. This is also located under the Page Layout tab and page background. I clicked on page Borders and selected

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