How in Your View Was the World Created ? Essay

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How in your view was the world created ?

In regards to the creation of the world, I believe that modern scientific explanations are more realistic than the theories of creationism. Science holds a definite, factual theory, while creationists believe that the Book of Genesis explains how the universe was created and that it is the infallible word of God.

While I can't disprove that some greater being created the earth, I find that scientific theories, like the Big Bang Theory, are more believable and more comprehensible. The elements of each of the theories also heavily influence my beliefs, such as that according to creationism. It is believed that some sort of omnipotent being created the universe in 7 days, that humans just happened to appear on the Earth’s surface, and that the earth and the universe is only 6,000 years old. None of these statements have substantial proof and scientific information can easily disprove these ideas. Another factor of my belief is the extreme that each follower takes their own opinion and the actions that are accepted in the name of "God". Most of mankind's wars were fuelled by religious views and beliefs. Creationism strictly rejects any idea that goes against the Book of Genesis. Also judging from incidents involving creationism, like the banning of the teaching of the theory of evolution. I, as a more liberal person, believe that this is a form of censorship and it shows ignorance and a lack of integrity from the people who refuse to allow it.

The Big Bang Theory is merely offered as a hypothesis that is open to revisal. Science believes that all matter in the universe was at one point a super dense object that spontaneously exploded. Since the explosion the universe has been continuously expanding. This phenomena is scientifically measurable using the theory of redshift, which entails staring at a star and watching its colour change. Another measurable fact supporting this theory is the...
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