Hospitality Provision

Topics: Hotel, Tourism, Destination hotel Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Hospitality provision is one of important services in travel and tourism. The hotel is a basis for short accommodation needs of travellers. Depending on the content and using that object classification stay in hotel, tourism, resort, etc. According to the level of amenities available, they are classified according to the number of stars from 1 to 5 stars. In recent year, the economics and society are developing. People are getting busier with their work and their life. They have to do many things so sometime they need to have a rest time to relax and enjoy their life when their life are more wealthy and sufficient and travel is one of most ways which they choose to spend their rest time. In modern life now, travel is not hard anymore for people because of now we have much kind of transportations, accommodations, and restaurants and so on. Task 1: Understand the role of the hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector. 1.1Tourism industries are not the same as other industries. It is because we provide services to the customer while some industries provide the tangible product. Thus, hospitality and tourism cannot be separated as hospitality is the key to success in the tourism industry. In this assignment will discuss about the relationship between hospitality and tourism industry. Hotels are an important component of the tourism product. They provide services to people who are travelling. First of all, hospitality is maybe the most important thing in tourism because it provides the needs services to tourists who are taking long or short holiday, it is possible to encourage people spend their time and money to travel to a tourism destination and subsequently to return and recommend that place to friends. To impress to tourists, the hospitality ought to have the best service for them such as good food and beverages, place of attraction and so on. In addition, every component combined each other. So, to make sure the client...
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