Hyatt Market Segemntation

Topics: Hotel, Hyatt, Hotel chains Pages: 3 (1278 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Market segmentation as a term came up to describe the concept that all customers are not alike. Because in hospitality industry marketing money and resources are limited, it has to concentrate on specific groups of people, or target market, to avoid waste in time, money and quality. As a result, it’s ensuring the highest returns. [1 pp19] The reasons why segmentation is so important for hospitality industry are – more successful use of marketing money, clearer perceptive of the needs and wants of special customer groups, more effective developing of service, greater correctness in selecting promotional vehicles and techniques. [1 pp173] As bases for segmentation are geography, demographics, psychographics, socio-economic, and behavior. [1 pp178] Those who are staying in the hotel are looking for not just bed and shower in their room, they are looking for a comfort and high service, what Hyatt Regency Birmingham is ready to provide. Hyatt Regency Birmingham offers a full range of services and facilities tailored to serve the needs of conventions and business travelers. As Hyatt Regency Birmingham has received several rankings, awards and accolades for service, it shows that those, who are going to stay in Hyatt Regency Birmingham hotel knows what for they are paying their money. Hyatt Regency Birmingham hotel is located in the centre of Birmingham, what makes the hotel a favorite destination for a lot of people. [3, pp113] According to the Hyatt web page, mostly Hyatt Regency Birmingham is tend to business people, aged 35-44 years, males and females, mostly bachelors or full nest I and II, social class A, who can afford to stay in the hotels, because mostly for they stay are paying the company, they working for. It has several meeting rooms for conferences and meetings. Business people stay in hotel during the working days of week and mostly stay only for one night. Even though they are seeking for a high service and comfort, the rarely use all the facilities,...

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