Contemporary Hospitality Industry

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The Contemporary Hospitality Industry
Assignment 1

Task 1 Understand the current structure of the hospitality industry

1.1 Demonstrate the diversity of the hospitality industry explaining how it has achieved its current complexity, scale and scope.Your answer maybe made more clear by using specific examples.

The hospitality is all about to satisfy the customers , welcoming them and make them feel special.The hospitality industry is a very diverse and complex industry and it is always changing . Changes are needed in the industry because the interest of the businesses (hotels, restaurants ,pubs) is to meet the customer`s expectations.Diverse because the hospitality industry includes all those businesses what are providing food, beverages , accommodation . Slowly over the years hospitality industry has became very complex.Often tourisum , travel and the hospitality industry are overlaping each other. Usually people think that hospitality and tourisum industry are the same but these are both a different , individual sector.Hospitality industry mostly includes catering , exibition and conferencing activities whilst tourisum includes sport activities , museum , travel agency activities but as I have mentioned before they are often overlap each other for example hotels often advertising themself in travel agency`s magazines.

The hospitality industry seems to be varied. We can see a lot of different hospitality or hospitality related businesses restaurants , hotels , pubs, different travel agencies.These businesses are all focusing on different target.These organisations can be categorised in so many ways.It can be private or national.Private ones usually are owned by a person or family like a small restaurant or panzio.National usually are owned by a chain and hundreds or thousands of businesses belongs to the chain .These are very known businesses and they all look similar.But if we have a look at these organisations they are all different sized, they all focus on different type of customers with different needs, expectations.We are all different so we all like different things, food , drinks, and of course we all can afford different type of services and therefore the hospitality industry needs and tries to provide for us different various services, pricing. For example : Mcdonalds is focusing on those people who like a fast served ,cheap meal but The Delaunay restaurant is focusing on those customers who like to sit down comfortably and eat a good meal and of course this is going to be more expensive. But hospitality industry can be segmented from different views.Commercial sector is providing food but they want to make profit like hotels restaurants whilst the public sector is providing food as well but to make profit from it is not their main purpose like nurseries , prisons colleges.Or if we have a look at the trains or airplanes , cruises spacially the ones with far destinations first we have to buy a ticket to get on the board and during the journey we can decide if we want to buy food ,drink or this service is already included in the ticket`s price and this type of service is called restricted customers.When we go to a hotel or restaurant we don`t need to buy a ticket first to get in the building and to get a service so with other words these organisations are open to general public.There is so many options to categorise the industry .Hospitality industry organisations comes in different sizes, types, with different management, with different environment, employees because they all focus on different goals.Factors together like locations/position, competition, licensed/unlicensed, duration of stay, class/grade, facilities/services, the size of the business, the type of the ownership will decide the type of the business. The hospitality industry can be influenced by lot of things.Technical ,...
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