Horses: Horse and Formal Outline

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Graded Assignment – LAC1 COMP Unit 13, Lesson 5
Delivering a Thesis and Formal Outline
Now you are ready to organize your research. Gather your note cards and other notes you have taken so far in this unit. You will use the information you have gathered to create a thesis statement and to put your ideas in formal outline form. Both a thesis and a formal outline are necessary before you begin to write a research paper. (25 points)

1. Write the thesis statement you have chosen for your research paper. Be sure to write it in a complete sentence.


Due to an economic crisis, there can definitely be a decline in the overall interest, attendance, and participation of the horse industry.

(75 points)
2. Write a formal outline for your research paper. Writing the outline will be easier if you first organize your note cards. Remember to begin with a title and to follow all the formatting procedures. You may refer to the Making Formal Outlines page to help with the format.


Owning a Horse During an Economic Crisis
1. Introduction to my paper
1.  State how this research was found through interviews, newspaper articles 2. Thesis
2. Effects on farriers, vets, and other horse service providers 1. Farriers- decline
2. Vets- for the most part have remained constant due to need for care 3. Effects on racing, showing, and other activities
1. Racing – considerably declined, no profit
2. Showing- remained constant with a slight decline in entry numbers 4. Effects on tourist areas and lesson farms
1. Tourist farms- farms that offer trail rides kept raising prices, with a bad economy, they have to relying on savings 2. Lessons- cheap lessons continue for the dedicated riders, some well off people remain with the “A” trainers. Overall the lessons are being maintained through regular attendance 5. Effects on rescue shelters and non-profit organizations

1. Rescue shelters- overrun, no room, no supplies
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