The Structure of the Essay

Topics: Frogs, Cheerleading Pages: 10 (2714 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The structure of the essay:

Introduction: (approximately 75 to 100 words)
State the title and author of the test and a clearly refer to a theme Give a very brief summary of the short story ( one or two sentences maximum) Write a clean thesis statement
Present the supporting ideas you will explore in the body of the essay

Body: three body paragraphs (approximately 200 words each)
Develop your thesis in three body paragraphs
Each paragraph must start with a carefully worded topic sentence Each paragraph must contain relevant supporting ideas and examples Each paragraph should contain a quote from the text to further support your point Each paragraph must end with a summarizing sentence that concludes the point just made Each paragraph should be logically planned through the use of effective transitional words/sentences

Conclusion: (approximately 75 to 100 words)
This last paragraph should summarize the three main supporting ideas made in the body of the essay and relate these points to the thesis statement You should also and your essay with a final reflection or thought on the subject




Body Paragraph
Topic sentence 1:

Supporting ideas:

Topic sentence 2:

Supporting ideas:

Topic sentence 3:

Supporting ideas

“return of the frog”
David Arnason

Once in a slightly better time than our own a farmer lived with his wife and daughter on a farm just out side portage la prairie his daughter was leader very beautiful nor very good but she was the only daughter he had and he loved her dearly her name was Virginia but she had rechristened her self Gina .

Gina was 15 and she planned to be an NH: goalie when she grow up she was already the top goalie in the midget b league in the southwest Manitoba amateur hockey league and only 6 months ago in an exhibition game against Fargo north Dakota shed had a shoutout

One day she was throwing her baseball against the side of the barin when it bounced crazily and fill into an old well she looked into the well but instead of seeing her ball she saw a frog

Hey you she shouted to the frog who was swimming around in the water how about getting my ball out of the well

The frog made a noise that sounded like "chuggarumm"

No am serious she said if u get my ball out of that well you can eat of my plate and sleep in my bed and if your really good ill give you a kiss and turn you into a fairy prince then we can get married and live happily ever after

The frog didn't reply but he dived down into the well and disappeared Gina waited a few minutes but no frog appeared so she walked back to the house. The school bus would be by in a few minutes anyway.

You're not going to school dressed like that her mother told her put on something decent and make it snappy the bus will be here in a minute

What's wrong with what I'm wearing Gina asked

You'll be mistaken for the janitor" her mother replied " and if I'm not mistaken there's manure on the cuffs of those jeans now change


And don't swear its not becoming in a lady

I didn't swear I just said sheesh and am not a lady the only ladies in this place are members of the ladies aid and you can't join until your 90

Your getting entirely too big for your britches young lady I swear I don't know what am going to do with you

You shouldn't swear Gina told her skipping out of the room it isn't nice

She missed the bus of course she put on a mini skirt and her mother wouldn't let her wear that either finally she dressed in a pair of slacks and a sweater then made her look like a bag of potatoes but her mother thought she looked nice

She’s missed the bus again, Roy” her mother said “I don’t know how is she going to survive in the world by herself. Can you give her a lift to school? “Sure her dad said. “I got to go to town to get a carburetor kit for john Deere ‘anyway come on princess Gina’s dad let her drive the half-ton all...
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