Lc 6.01

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|Name: Tia Davis |Date: March 5, 2013 |

Graded Assignment

Persuasive Essay Outline/First Draft Alternate Assignment

(125 points)

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Write the outline/first draft of your persuasive essay. Be sure to follow these requirements and recommendations when completing your draft:

• The recommended length requirement for the Final Draft of your persuasive essay is 600—900 words, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with a minimum of five paragraphs. It is acceptable to write more than this; not developing your ideas enough to meet the length requirement may cause you to lose points.

• Before you begin writing, read over the feedback you received on your 2.06 Planning assignment to help guide you. You must have an approved 2.06 Planning assignment before completing this 2.08 Outline First Draft.

• Please complete the sentence outline below for the First Draft of your essay. Remember, this is a sentence outline, meaning you must write in complete sentences throughout this outline. Be sure to proofread!

• To help your teacher know who the assignment came from, save the file as:

LAC102_2.08_Outline First Draft_FirstInitial_LastName.doc Example: LAC102_2.08_Outline First Draft_M_Smith.doc

Introductory Paragraph Score: __/25 pts.
Hook /First Sentence (a question, illustration, story, or anecdote to draw your reader’s attention):
If you had a medical condition, and you didn’t like taking medication, what would you do?
Thesis Statement /Last Sentence (a statement that will be the driving opinion throughout your essay. Your thesis should explain what you are trying to convince your readers to do or believe): Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa, has long been used for both medicinal and ritual purposes by many cultures and civilizations. Its modern use is a controversial

Citations: for sources are mostly missing. |the writing consistently difficult to | | |correctly. Any fragments are clearly intentional. |occasional unintentional fragment might |Unintentional fragments, run-ons, and |understand. No research sources are cited.| | |There are few, if any, errors in grammar, usage, |creep in, but there are few errors in |other errors sometimes interfere with | | | |or mechanics. |grammar and mechanics, and they do not |understanding. | | | | |interfere with understanding. | | |

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