Should Young People Learn to have a Budget?

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Graded Assignment

Responding to a Persuasive Prompt

Type your name, the date, your teacher’s name, and your school name at the top of this page. Type or paste your draft into this document. Be sure that your draft is double-spaced, 12 point Times new Roman font. Save the file as AML_S1_09.04_Critical Skills Practice_FirstInitial_LastName.doc.

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Read the prompt below. Consider your position on the issue. Then write an essay response. You have 30 minutes to complete this assignment. Your assignment will be graded based on the Persuasive Prompt Grading Rubric. The rubric can be found in your Unit Resources.

It is not uncommon for the evening news to talk about the local, state, or national budget. Controlling finances is an important issue for governments at many levels. Families also must control their finances. Some families create budgets that they stick to carefully, recording all outgoing and incoming money so that they never spend more than they bring in. Other families keep at least a mental count of where their finances stand. But what about young people—people your age?

Assignment: Should young people be required by parents to have a budget and stick to it? Plan and write a response in which you state and explain your position on this issue. Be sure to provide support for your stand in the form of sound reasoning and relevant examples.

Type your draft here.

I believe that young people should be required to have a budget and stick to it, for many reasons. First of all if a young person is required to have a budget and stick to it they will learn to manage there money so that they can have money to make it through till their next payday.

Second they learn financial management and as they mature and grow up they will be able to avoid becoming in debt by running up large amounts of credit and will be financially

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