Hookes Law

Topics: Elasticity, Hooke's law, Potential energy Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: September 19, 2013
V. Analysis and Conclusion
In this experiment we studied the elastic properties of the spring, the Hooke’s Law and the total work done on the spring when it is being stretch. Also, this experiment tackles the elasticity and deformation of a material that obeys the Hooke’s Law which states that “Within the elastic limit of a body, the deforming force is directly proportional to the elongation of the body.” Our experiment is to determine the force constant of the spring. The calculations used throughout this experiment were to determine the displacement, force, and the spring constant of the spring used. In order to find the displacement, which is the amount the spring has moved out of its equilibrium position, the average of the four trials for each force exerted is needed to be found. Once the averages are confirmed, the equilibrium position average is to be subtracted from the averages. In order to calculate the force, the equation F=ma is used where the m is the mass and a is the acceleration due to gravity. The mass would be the weights so, if to be finding the force of a 0.010kg weight, the force would be 0.010*9.8 which equals 0.098. Finally, to calculate the spring constant, the force is divided by the displacement. Using the results above, 0.098(force)/0.01225(displacement) = 8.000

Experiments are bound to have errors and uncertainties. First of all, human error is the always acknowledgeable in all experiments. While measuring the length of the spring, the start of the meter stick might have been slightly off the mark or the whole ruler could have been tilted. Another error is that during one of the trials, the measurer had been switched. This alters the perspective of where the ruler should start and where to mark for measurement. Thirdly, the spring might have caused problems. Whenever the weights are exerted, they might have altered the equilibrium position of the spring because so much weight is being exerted. To solve these mistakes,...
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