Analysis of Hook by James Wright

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Analysis of Hook by James Wright

The poem Hook by James Wright is about two men going through difficult times that take place in a cold setting, much like their lives. They both have many things in common and many differences as well. The young man is seen as a pessimistic in this poem and the Sioux more of the optimistic, even with many sufferings he has gone through in his lifetime. The young man and the Sioux both have very different lifestyles, but what exactly is James Wright trying to prove with the Sioux and the young man?
This poem has two important roles, the Sioux and the other young man, both having to very different stories to tell the readers. In the poem there is a young man having problems with a significant other, left out in the cold, away from home, with nothing but the clothes on his back. As he waits for a bus, a young Sioux approaches him about the bus. The young Sioux in this story is a gentle kind man with many stories behind him; he has numerous scars, a hook for a hand, and has not been treated fairly in his life.
James Wright is trying to prove a point stating it could always be much worse than you have it. The young man immediately ask him what they did to his hand, he replied the woman did it. The Sioux then gives him money to take a bus home, even though he doesn’t have much. In those days, Sioux were almost at the bottom on how they were treated. Even though he was treated terribly, didn’t have much, had a hook for a hand, he was still positive and knew it could always be worse and that it could only get better from then on.
As the poem begins to close the young man begins to realize that what he has is not as bad as he may think it is. He says, “Did you ever feel a man hold sixty-five cents in a hook, and place it gently in your freezing hand”. He feels guilt for thinking he has it so bad, as a gentle mistreated man gives him money to get home. He also begins to feel very thankful that he can even feel the freezing air on his

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