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Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today  Indicators used to understand poverty in HK     Income Health Education    Living conditions Employment Community / family support

Section 1—Poverty

Disparity / discrepancy between rich and poor  Gini coefficient - Range from 0 to 1 0 = income distribution is absolute equal 1 = income distribution is absolute unequal

Challenges faced by poor people  Employment - usually contract staff, low income, lack labour protection     Support - limited support channels from government Living standard - X fulfill basic needs (eg. healthcare service) Intergenerational poverty Relationship no family time  marital / familial conflicts

Disadvantaged groups  Men vs. Women - do housework + child care  HK citizens vs. New arrivals less assistance from government discrimination (reduces HK citizens’ job opportunities)

 

CSSA: Comprehensive Social Security Assistance HK government—positive non-interventionist approach (積極不干預政策)    A regulator rather than a provider of welfare programmes Free market / trade policy  Minimal government intervention Low taxation system

Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today Section 2—Quality of Life  Measuring QoL  Dimensions—economic; social; political; cultural; environmental  Objective indicators (statistical data) - Income; wealth gap - Social welfare; life expectancy - Electoral system; voter turnout rate - Variety of cultural activities; museums; libraries - Living space; air pollution index Subjective indicators (people’s feelings)  Satisfaction with economy / income Satisfaction with public health, freedom of speech, welfare Satisfaction with government’s performance Perceived human rights enjoyed Satisfaction with cultural environment, diversity Satisfaction with living / natural environment

Obstacles to better QoL in HK  HK has a pervasive culture of long working hours  Stay until boss leaves  Not much emphasis on importance of work-life balance  Constant reaffirmation of good working ethics   Life chances are determined by individual efforts Weak collective bargaining power between workers

Strategies used in promoting labour rights    Legislation and enforcement Management and regulation Education and publicity   Public engagement Research

Organisations and treaties  International Labour Organisation (ILO)  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)  The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) - Right of everyone to enjoyment of just & favourable conditions of work - Safe and healthy working conditions - Rest, leisure and reasonable limitation of working hours

Liberal Studies F4 Second term—Hong Kong Today Section 3—Rule of law  Rule of Law  All individuals are equal in front of law  Government should act in accordance with its established statutes (法規)    Both the government and the citizens must act according to such statutes The independence of the judiciary institution is guaranteed to maintain rule of law

How to ensure judicial independence (司法獨立)   Way of appointing judges should be away from external pressure Constitutions (憲法) should be written for and monitored by people  Rule of law is actualization of constitutional democracy

Principles of rule of law (remember!!)  Everyone is equal before the law  Government should act in accordance to the law  The law should not have retroactive effect          Judicial independence The law clauses should be simple and easy to understand The law clauses should not be self-contradictory Filing an appeal (提出上訴) is allowed Judicial review (司法覆核) is allowed Legal aid is offered Should go through sufficient public consultation Assume innocence before conviction / proven guilty Law should be the lowest limit to protect individual freedom

*** Police power should be limited under rule of law  Functions of LegCo  Enact (制定) laws   ...
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