Hong Kong

Topics: Hong Kong, Stock exchange, Cantonese people, Agriculture, Business, Bruce Lee / Pages: 1 (325 words) / Published: Sep 22nd, 2014
A university plans to develop a new research center in your country. Some people want a center for business research. Other people want a center for research in agriculture (farming). Which of these two kinds of research centers do you recommend for your country? Use specific reasons in your recommendation. Compared to a center for research in agriculture, I would recommend the university to develop a center for business research in Hong Kong. I believe business research is more important in Hong Kong. First, Hong Kong is a knowledge-based society. Many Hong Kong people involve in tertiary production, which is a sector of services in an economy. There are fewer and fewer people work as a farmer. Moreover, Hong Kong is a small city with a large population. Hong Kong people do not have enough place to live already. It is difficult for Hong Kong to develop agriculture because a great amount of farmland is required for farming. Second, Hong Kong is known as an international financial center. Many internationally significant banks, businesses, and stock exchanges appear in Hong Kong. Also, because of the geographical location and low tax rate, many foreigners are attracted to start their businesses in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is beneficial if the university develop a center of business research, which can help Hong Kong people to know more about business. However, some people may think that food is an important issue. Therefore, a center of research in agriculture is essential for Hong Kong people. However, because of globalization, it is easier for us to import food from other countries. Besides, it is difficult to develop and do research in farming in Hong Kong. Comparing business to agriculture, the former one is relatively important. To conclude, because Hong Kong is a place where services and businesses are oriented, I would recommend the university to develop a center for business research. I believe the

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