Homeostasis Lab Report Essay

Topics: Muscle, Nutrition, Metabolism Pages: 3 (584 words) Published: September 14, 2015

Homeostasis Lab Analysis

Assigned Challenge: Doorframe

Look at the data for your assigned challenge. Why did the “guinea pig’s” body react the way it did during the challenge? What was happening inside of the body that you couldn’t necessarily measure or see?

The “guinea pig’s” body had the reaction of soreness and weakness as time increased because the body was using more and more energy as time passed with little rest. The form of pushing that every guinea pig was excelling on the doorframe increased the use of energy on his or her muscles. The outcome and result was that the use of energy on the guinea pig’s muscles lead to weakness, pain, aching, and soreness to his or her upper body arm strength. One thing that was happening inside the body that one wouldn’t necessarily measure or see is that when...

Did they indicate homeostasis was being maintained, or was being disrupted?

Homeostasis is the ability to maintain a constant internal environment despite changes in the external environment. In other words, it means always maintaining a state of balance. To maintain that steady environment, our bodies regulate our blood sugar, temperature, blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte levels. The form of pushing that every guinea pig was excelling on the doorframe increased the use of energy on their muscles, leading to weakness and soreness. The changes observed in the guinea pig during the challenge relates to homeostasis because homeostasis was being maintained as these changes occurred. Homeostasis was being maintained because as the guinea pig was excelling energy on the doorframe the sense organ demanded more oxygen and sent this message of change to the brain. The brain detected this change and responded to the demand by increasing the blood flow. This output was sent to the effector (muscles) and the body responded to the output by resulting in higher blood...
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