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Topics: Temperature, Thermoregulation, Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, Heat, Physiology / Pages: 5 (1077 words) / Published: Nov 18th, 2012
Name: _________Mishana Sturdivant___ Date: _09/03/2012______ - Human Homeostasis

Vocabulary: dehydration, heat stroke, homeostasis, hypothermia, involuntary, thermoregulation, voluntary

Prior Knowledge Questions (Do these BEFORE using the Gizmo.)
A thermostat is a device that regulates the temperature inside a building.

1. What does a thermostat do if it gets too cool? __It would turn on the heater or turn off the A/C___________

2. What does a thermostat do if it gets too hot? ____It would activate the Air Conditioning or turn of the Heat

3. How do our bodies sometimes act like a thermostat? __When we are cold, we shiver to heat up and reach or equilibrium



Gizmo Warm-up
To survive, an organism must be able to maintain stable internal conditions in a changing environment. This process is called homeostasis. The Human Homeostasis Gizmo™ allows you to explore how the human body stays at a nearly constant temperature in different conditions. Notice the Air temp. and Body temp. thermometers representing the air temperature and body temperature.

1. What is the initial air temperature? _32 degrees F_____

2. What is the initial body temperature? __99 degrees F__

3. Next to each factor listed below, write “increase,” “decrease,” or “same” based on how you expect that factor to affect body temperature.

Raising air temperature: __same____ Sweating: __decrease___

Lowering air temperature: ___increase___ Shivering: __increase___

Adding clothing: __increase_____ Exercising: ___increase_____

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