History of Labour Law in Ethiopia

Topics: Law, Labour relations, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 4 (874 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Chapter I- Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the research

The aim of this research is to get a brief overview of the labour law governing aviation workers in Ethiopia. It will look into the labour law, the commercial code, the Collective Agreement( between Ethiopian Airlines and the Ethiopian Airlines Basic Trade Union), and also directives and regulations issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. It will try to highlight the specific laws that govern the aviation workers.

This paper will also, through a very brief case analysis, try to identify some of the problems that arise with regards to the labour relations and the laws governing aviation workers.

It will also look at, and make a comparative analysis of, different labour laws regulating aviation workers in different countries. Based on the comparative study, it will try to point out areas for improvement and also clarify the need for a separate legal framework to regulate the aviation industry and its employees.

1.2 Research Questions

This paper will try to answer the following research question and the subquestions that stem from it. Research question is:
Does Ethiopia need a separate labour law to regulate aviations workers? Sub questions are:
What are the international frameworks governing labour?
What are the laws currently governing labour in Ethiopia? In order to answer this the author will look into the different laws( including proclamations, collective agreements and directives)

What are the possible problems that could arise or have arose so far in the aviation industry regarding the labor force? Identify the problems Ethiopian Airlines has faced so far by conducting a case study to identify the pitfalls.

What are the different experiences of other countries? This would answered by giving the eval frameworks of four different countries a brief overview, and identifying the basic features, the...
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