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Topics: Employment, United States, Pleading Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: April 14, 2014

This paper will discuss the rights of employees and the responsibility of the employers in the workplace within the United States and Europe. It will cover the laws, customs and cultures and why they may differ.  

The rights of employees within the United States and Europe are very different. Employees in the US have agreed pay, benefits, are allowed breaks during their shifts and even leave if they have been employed for a certain amount of time. Not all jobs require health benefits but it is something provided at some workplaces. The things mentioned above are all available to employees due to the laws in the US. Equal opportunity (EO) is very important discrimination by race, sex, age and so on are not tolerated. All businesses operate differently but they are all required to follow laws and regulations. Even though we are all suppose to follow the laws and bosses are in place to ensure that the laws are complied with or to bring any changes that may happen to the workplace. EO will always be stressed not just in discrimination aspect but it can be argued the way employees work should be equal. It is not fair for on team member to take on all the workload while another collects a check. If the employer was to see this he or she should be able to step up and become the power to make the workplace equal and complaints down.

Between the United States and Europe there are many differences, but also there are similarities. The US law allows the people to be free, even though in some states the have an at-will, which is an exception to the free law, but in Europe all decision are made from the European Union (FedEE). The FedEE determines what is able to go in the workplace or the environment, employees are not allows to speak on it or request changes to any policies and if they would it could be means for termination from the job. One similar thing that is worth mentioning that in Europe most people work from home and as of later 2000s...
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