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History Essay
When you think about history, what comes to mind? Events, specific dates, or a period of time? We believe that history is the study of the important events that have taken place during the past millions of years. History not only tells us dates and events, but by studying history, we also learn about how our world has evolved and come into being. It explains the importance of certain events and how we are effected by them. We learn from the mistakes made in the past so we can create a better future. Learning about our world’s history teaches us the importance of knowing the past and present of different civilizations.

History is studied by a numerous amount of ways. It often being from books, artifacts, and even personal accounts. Stories passed down from generation to generation helps us understand certain events that have taken place. Our culture and the way we are explains how history has morphed everything to the way it is now. Little do people realize history is made everyday. Just by the way we communicate, present ourselves, write, and act, it all describes our society and how the world is today. Because of modern advances, we also study history through documentaries, television, and through the internet. Often when you think about different events, you don’t take into consideration your historical perspective on these certain events. Your point of view may be entirely different from another person’s. For example, if a soldier from a war wrote a book describing what he had seen and been through, it would be a different perspective from a person who didn’t go to war, writing a book on the same event. This is what historical perspective is, the different ways in which people look at the past. Historical perspective has a major impact on the study of history. It can completely change the way an event in history is perceived, depending on who describes the event. Different historical perspectives cater to different peoples opinions. It...
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