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Arturo Perez
Craig Stanford wrote an article titled “Got Culture” and the issues addressed in this article are that our closest relatives who are the Chimpanzees share a culture just as us humans do. But many people in the world do not believe in such theories they believe that culture is specific to humans only and that there is no way that a Chimp can hold such “symbolic relationships” as us humans do everyday (Stanford, 2002.) Throughout the article Stanford points out many claims that oppose and support his theory. For instance he states that there has been lots of research on the African Chimps and there was no culture within these animals at all, and that various chimps separated by geographic location and the groups were very different in several ways. These ways varied in the way they got their food, hunting and mating. (Stanford, 2002) He pointed out that even though there were many similarities in the tools they used and how they used them they were still very different as well based on their specific location. Stanford did include contrary beliefs in his writings such as Primatologist William McGrew who examined the way Chimpanzees and humans used tools. He also pointed out that there could be many different explanations as to the many difference among Chimps and he said they were because of genetics, ecological, and the different habitats. There was also Psychologist Andrew Whiten who conducted the first survey of the cultural differences between the chimps and concluded that there were 39 behaviors that could not be explained. (Stanford, 2002) In this article Stanford was really good at providing a view of both sides to show his research and the research of others such as the work of Whiten and McGrew. Stanford also made suggestions that they include previously shunned species be included in the definition of culture to have it make more sense. Stanford also included other animal species to help the reader understand...
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