Higher Education VS Work Experience

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Heni Ju
Mr. Alex Chee
Higher Education VS Work Experience
Many people believe that a university degree is the only way to get a good job. However, there are still some people who disagree with this view. Mainly because they think that universities do not offer enough experience in the work field. I personally agree that pursuing a university degree is a correct choice for young people, especially recent high school graduates. With college tuition climbs up each year, money seems to be a big obstacle for some people. It’s the most common reason that explains why most students prefer to dive right into an entry-level job rather than to invest money in a college degree. “Whether it’s driven by economics or personal preference, this decision can have major impacts on their professional career as well as their personal life.” (Day and Newburger 3) Of course, not everyone can afford to invest a full time degree program. Some may think it’s more beneficial to start their career early, especially if their chosen field does not require a university education. This would apply for everyone who wants to be a car mechanic or a fashion designer. They would not gain anything from going to university. Instead, they may gain more work experience. Lacking of a degree does not stop people from achieving success. Many entrepreneurs and businessmen became successful with only a high school diploma as we may see in a lot of articles.

With so many success stories building up these days, people might think skipping college is okay. In fact, going to college actually has more advantages and the positive impacts outweigh the negative ones.

Firstly, people with higher educational level get better jobs and good salary. The most important part of a CV is the education someone has followed and as the proof of it is the certificate of their degree. The demand for workers with university degree has rocketed these days. Many hiring officers tend to recruit...

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