High School Basketball Narrative

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I remember it like it was yesterday, well if you wanted to be technical you could say I remembered the whole last week, considering this was nearly the seventh time it had happened. I remember falling to my knees with my head against the fabric of my bed sheets while balling my weary eyes up into huge puddles of tears buried in my pillow, asking myself why didn't they pick me ? "why aren't I good enough ?!". Making the school Basketball team is something that was a very huge goal for me at the start of every school year, and a motive at the start of every summer.Till this day I haven't made neither my middle school nor high school Basketball team, I've only came very close. My freshman year of high school is where it hurt the most. I had finally started to get a...

At this moment I've gotten my hopes up and I'm almost certain that I'm going to make the team. When the day of tryouts come, November 4rth, 2012, my alarm goes off and I wake up, get myself situated, say a prayer, grab my favorite sneakers (which at the time was the Under Armour Black Ice : Brandon Jennings Milwaukee Bucks Home Red Strap Colorway), tie them to my backpack, grab a bowl of frosted flakes and sling my backpack onto my scrawny shoulders and hop into my older brothers car so that he could drop me off at school. I’m a little nervous once I’ve finished my school day once the bell rings and the announcements go off saying in a big hefty voice “ALL BOYS PARTICIPATING IN BASKETBALL TRYOUTS PLEASE REPORT TO THE MAIN GYM NO LATER THAN TWO O’FIVE”. I sprint down the hallway and make sure I’m the first one in the gym. After a good two hours of running, doing drills I’ve done before and Scrimmaging I feel exhausted but none the less confident and satisfied with my...
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