Personal Narrative: Stagg At Home

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AND ONE!!!! It was the last basketball game of my sophomore season. We played Stagg at Home, in the main gym. Everyone was there because it was the last game and it was at home. Coach Thompson substituted me for Darius with 5 minutes and 42 seconds left to play, we were already up 10 so he just emptied out his bench to give everyone some final playing time. When I got in I instantly caught fire. I don’t know what got into me I just couldn’t miss, even if I wanted to. I was making mid- range shots, 3’s and I was also getting to the basket. My first shot was a pull up jumper about 15 feet away from the basket, it was nothing but net. After I made that shot I felt as if I could do anything, so I kept scoring. When I made my first 3, the team basically …show more content…
We waited in the gym for about 4 hours, then I got hungry. I walked through the dark hallway to use the vending machine. After I got my honey bun, I walked around to the field house to see if they posted the team. They did, 14 id numbers on one sheet of paper. I looked up and down the list multiple times looking for my id number and unfortunately it wasn’t on there. My heart was broken and I was so confused. I walked home teary-eyed and when I arrived home I cried my eyes out. After that I didn’t play basketball for a whole week, which I had never done. After that week I got back in the gym, and kept playing every day as usual. I went to all of their games because I loved the sport and I wanted to support my friends. After the season ended everything went back to normal, we kept going to the YMCA every day. Now school has ended and summer league starts. Coach put me on Jr. Varsity just too test my skills and the first game, it was the best game of my life. I dunked the ball on a fast break and I couldn’t miss. I was the star player and that showed coach I was better so he put me on varsity. All in all I am just saying never give up and work as hard as you can, it will pay

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