Personal Narrative-It's Time To Make A Varsity Soccer Team

Pages: 4 (979 words) / Published: Oct 5th, 2016
Over the hot summer, I was doing summer workouts for soccer. My goal this year was to make the varsity soccer team and I knew I could do it with the support from my coaches and peers. My coach had said about a month before workouts started, “You have a really good chance at making varsity this year” and this made me want to work even harder in the coming months of workouts. We had been working out for about three months now starting in around February with the indoor soccer practices and each and every day was hard on us all. Workouts were tough on everyone because of all the cardio and strength training we did as well as working on ball skills. Every day over the summer I would arrive home to find myself going right back to my comfy, warm …show more content…
I was extremely nervous despite the fact that everyone had told me I was going to make varsity since I had done so well at camp. There were about 23 people trying out for varsity and only 18 could make it and so I had a good chance at making the team but that still did not calm my nerves. Before we went out to the brand new turf field for tryouts I was psyching myself out and was doubting myself in all ways possible. My hands were shaking, I was sweating, all while listening to the calm chatter of everyone else echoing loudly in the locker room. “You can’t make varsity; the others are just too good” I was telling myself. During tryouts the pace was fast, the humidity was high, and our spirits were just as high. We had to do lots of ball work and ball skills on the first day and I was messing up completely at times. At one point I screamed out in utter anger because I just could not get my feet to do the correct things. I was so angry with myself because I knew I could do better than what I had done that day. I went home feeling utterly defeated but ready for the next day because there were two days of tryouts. The next day I felt absolutely great and I was doing everything right! I was passing every drill while receiving complements from my coaches. I felt great and as I was walking up the big, blue steps to the locker room, I knew that I had done great at

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