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The Heroic

Although many people picture a hero to be wearing a cape and tights, over 70% of people in the world have achieved to become heroes due to their heroic and courageous acts. To be a hero, a person must demonstrate heroic qualities such as demonstrating intellectual or physical strength, willing to make sacrifices, or willing to help others. In my opinion, someone who demonstrates all many heroic qualities and is able to be called a hero is Bill Gates. Bill Gates is able to be depicted as a hero because of his generous donations to charity, creation of Microsoft, and promotions of scientific research.

To begin with, Bill Gates has made numerous donations to various charities throughout his career. Bill Gates’ generous donations demonstrate his willingness to help others and make sacrifices. It has been estimated that Bill Gates has donated over 36 billion dollars, half of his net worth, to various organizations. He is currently known as one of the biggest philanthropists in the world. Bill Gates also founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, known for helping poor countries throughout the world. Clearly, Bill Gates is a charitable man whose frequent donations have depicted Bill Gates to be a hero.

Next, Bill Gates has created Microsoft, one of the biggest software companies in the world. When Bill Gates created the windows based operating system, which is used in on majority of the worlds’ computers, he demonstrated the heroic quality of intellectual strength, and in my opinion changed the world for the better. His many contributions like creating Microsoft and inventing programming language, allow him to be shown as a hero to numerous people.

Finally, Bill Gates has depicted himself to be a hero by promoting many scientific researches. Throughout his career, Bill Gates has promoted scientific research to find cures for devastating diseases and sicknesses. He has donated several billions of dollars to accelerate the global effort to create...
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