Bill Gates Has a Positive Impact on Society

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Without a society integrated with technology, communication and productivity would be hindered not only on a person level, but a global and commercial scale. Bill Gates, an American entrepreneur, found success from being the co-founder of Microsoft and designing and developing software for the Personal Computer (How to be a Billionaire). William Henry Gates III was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. He was the second child and only son of William Henry Gates Jr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. His father, being a Seattle attorney and his mother being a schoolteacher helped him achieve his brilliant state. In middle school, Gates developed an interest in computer science, a path which allowed him to explicate the smarts he obtained in the form of technology. Although many may argue that such technology is forcing us to take a step backwards in our social interactions, Bill Gates, the 20th century ambitious revolutionist, contrived the software that aided society to prosper. Even with the beneficial changes that Bill Gates brought to modern society, many still condemn technological advances for making humanity incompetent. It is believed that the ease of finding information on the internet is creating a deficiency in social interactions. As validation, a survey to American parents reported that “…parents agree that technology helps their family stay connected, but 48 percent while spending time together their family members they were distracted by technology.”

(Is technology making)
Technology even interferes with the assumed sentimental relationship between family members. Just 10 years ago the thought of people being engaged with some sort of technology while in the presence of one’s family was unreal. Accompanied with our modern technology, one could be occupied at any given time. Smartphones, cellular phones that are virtually mobile computers, allow any person to reach the internet, emails, text messages and even play a variety of games with...
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