Bill Gates

Topics: Bill Gates, Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pages: 5 (1694 words) Published: April 1, 2013
1. Introduction
a. Thesis statement:
2. Childhood and family
a. Parents and sisters
b. Hobbies of Gates
3. School age
a. Primary school
b. Transfer to Seattle’s Lakeside School
c. Meeting with Paul Allen
d. First success
4. University years and life before Microsoft
a. Harvard life
b. Co-working with Paul Allen
c. Creating of Micro-Soft
5. Beginning of Microsoft
a. Microsoft went to public
b. Paul Allen got cancer
6. Bill Gates retired as CEO of Microsoft
a. Being the richest man in the world
7. Creating of Bill & Melinda Gates foundation
8. Impact on the world
a. Segments of Foundation
b. Working with WHO
c. Reinvent the toilet
Bill Gates
Some people change cities, some people change countries, but some people were born to change the world and history. Despite a period as a “problematic child” period and leaving Harvard Law School, Bill Gates is a person, who was born to change the world of technology and to be the greatest billionaire-philanthropist in history. William Henry (Bill) Gates III was born on October, 28th, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. His family was from upper middle-class. His father, William Henry Gates, Sr., is a retired lawyer. Mother of Bill Gates, Mary Maxwell, graduated from University of Washington. She was a teacher, businessperson, and civil activist. Bill Gates was growing in very close and warm family atmosphere with two sisters: Kristianne and Libby. The closest relationship of Bill was with his mother. He liked to play athletic games and logic games, as monopoly, with family and showed good competitive skills since childhood. “Problematic child” started to show up at the age of 11. At that age, his hobby was reading. He spent much time reading reference books such as encyclopedia. Despite he was a good student at school, he was tired of boring classes and sometimes got depressed. His parents worried about his behavior. As a result, they transferred him to Seattle's Lakeside School, which was an exclusive preparatory school. Bill started to show excellences in all the subjects, including drama and English, at this school. Furthermore, at Lakeside School Bill met his future best friend and partner Paul Allen. Together with his new friend, Bill Gates was spending a lot of time working on programming in new computer laboratory, which was established by Seattle Computer Company. Gates and Allen were different: younger Gates was more active and ambitious, while older Allen was shy and discreet. But this fact did not influence their friendship. Working together, friends wrote a program and hacked scheduling program of school. Since young age, Gates was willing to show knowledge and skills on computing and programming. Actually, this feature was a problem for him for a long years, till he started to be a more responsible and intelligent person. At the age of 15, Gates and Allen decided to make their first business project. They created a program for monitoring traffic patterns, called “Traf-o-Data”. Thanks to this program, friends get their first benefit of $20.000. Actually, this success had motivated friends to open their own company. Unfortunately for the young geniuses, parents of Bill Gates did not let him to start working without degree from University. They were expecting that Bill would be a lawyer as his father. Probably, Bill was agree with them, but did not show that computers were more interesting for him than law. His life was related to computers and programming. Definitely, he wanted to make the world of computers more beautiful, useful and creative. After graduating from Seattle’s Lakeside School, Gates had SAT exam and his result was fantastic – 1590 points out of 1600. For long years this result was a point of proudness of Bill Gates. He entered Harvard University and a first time was really thinking about law career. But he was spending more time in computer laboratories than in class rooms. This also...

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