Heineken Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Brand, Marketing Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Heineken is brewery with a long history and tradition of superior quality and taste. The brand is very well suited to increase it’s global sales and presence through its many strengths. (Table Below). Conversely there are several weaknesses which need to be addressed to bring the company to global market it desires.

Superior quality
Special Distinctive Taste
Original formula
Heritage & Tradition
Premium brand
Attractive packaging
Most heavily advertised Premium beer in Europe and Worldwide and use TV commercials heavilyNo production base in some areas •Inconsistent brand image with brand communication
TV commercials are only aired in larger markets
No integrated marketing campaign
No global advertising campaign

In an effort to increase demand for and sales of its products, Heineken has begun to analyze the need for a different marketing strategy. One of the chief problems Heineken currently faces is that it is perceived differently from market to market. Although Heineken has consistently been marketed as a premium brand it is seen in the United States and Asia as a beer for only special occasions instead of daily consumption. In Latin America the brand is seen as just one of a many of undifferentiated European imports.

Turning Heineken into a global brand is needed to provide a unique and similar to experience to people across different countries and in different societies. To create and foster global brand development we must take into account the current stage of development in each region and country. In developing markets such as Africa and Eastern Europe a pushing strategy is desired. In established markets such as North and Central Europe, North America and Australia a pulling strategy is recommended. For growing markets such as Japan, Italy and Spain, a combination of pushing and pulling is suggested.

To globally...
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