Marketing Stragety - Cobra Beer V/S Kingfisher

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Executive Summary:

In this project, I have compared the analysis, existing marketing strategies and recommend the future strategy for both products which Cobra Beer and Kingfisher Beer. The aim of this report is to compare both of the products in the UK market and to get the future forecast that where both of the products have place in the market. The reason I have chosen those products is just because I am working for Cobra Beer head office and I wasn’t difficult for me to get the information for the company’s product I am working for. As far Kingfisher Beer is concern, I have really put my efforts searching for there marketing analysis and their strategies. For that I have consult many website and read plenty of articles related to Kingfisher Beer. I have also interviewed ex employee from Kingfisher Beer, who really had helped me a lot giving the facts and figure of current Kingfisher Beer market. And in the end I had also give the trend comparing among those products and their current market shares not only in UK’s market but also in different countries.


Cobra Beer:
Cobra Beer Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Karan Bilimoria, then aged 27 and £20,000 in debt. A Cambridge law graduate and qualified Chartered Accountant, Bilimoria launched Cobra Beer when it became clear to him that Britain needed a smoother, less gassy lager that appealed to both ale drinkers and lager drinkers alike, and also complement all types of cuisines. "I saw that the market was dominated by harsh, gassy Euro fizz beers, all poor partners to food and so I wanted to produce a premium, high quality lager which would complement rather than fight against food." Cobra 5.0% Premium Beer is brewed to an authentic Indian recipe using the finest natural ingredients. A unique blend of barley malt and yeast with maize, hops and rice gives Cobra it’s distinctive, clean and extra smooth taste. The 660ml bottles are great for sharing with friends at the dining table, which is ideal as Cobra makes an excellent accompaniment to all cuisines.

The inspiration for the choice of brand name was certainly influenced by the great numbers of these beautiful and strikingly coloured birds which abound in India where over 70 different varieties/species of kingfisher can be found - more than in any other country or continent in the world. Kingfishers are particularly prevalent in Bangalore, the garden city of India, which is also headquarters to The United Breweries Group, brand owners of Kingfisher Lager. The new distinctive Kingfisher brand logo incorporates a visual of an Indian Kingfisher. From modest beginnings where Kingfisher Lager's distribution was somewhat confined to Southern India, it has grown to become India's leading brand of premium lager with share now approaching 36% of the total beer market. The brand is owned by the UB Group of India, a multi-divisional conglomerate operating in over 20 countries across Europe, North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Far East. UB Group activities include pharmaceuticals, engineering,fertilisers and information technology, but its traditional and core business is in the drinks sector where beer and spirits divisions dominate the market with famous lager brands such as Kingfisher, UB Export and Kalyani and numerous category leaders under the Mc Dowell and Herbertson spirits brands. Situation analysis:

Cobra Beer

Cobra beer is only 14 years old brand but still it’s managed to capture market place. Cobra beer is selling in almost 6000 Indian restaurants, 5000 pubs, bars and clubs and exported to 30 countries with having turnover of £65m. Apart from that, cobra beer has also won awards Monde Selection Brussels – World Selection Quality Awards. 2005 – 2 Grand Gold Medals and 9 Gold Medals. Cobra beer is also the only beer brand to have associated itself exclusively wit safe-flo, manufacturers of anti-spiking devices. The company provides these anti spiking caps to...

References: • Philip, Veronica, John, Gary, (2005), Principle Of Marketing, Fourth European Edition, Prentice Hall.
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