Heating Curve Project

Topics: Water, Fundamental physics concepts, Temperature, Phase, Liquid / Pages: 2 (220 words) / Published: Nov 10th, 2014
Heating Curve Project
There are two parts to the project. EVERYONE MUST COMPLETE PART ONE. We can put our personal touch on part two.
1. Label heating curve graph of a substance other than water (NOT WATER, make up a substance if you have to, but don’t use 0 oC and 100 oC
The graph must include:

An illustration (not fancy) of how the molecules are arranged in the solid phase, liquid phase, gas phase and during the phase changes.

How KE and PE change during different parts of the graph.

Labels for each part of the graph with an appropriate equation.

Labels for the melting point and boiling point.

The information may be written on the back of the graph. Ex. In segment AB, the kinetic energy is increasing, etc…

2. Choose ONE of the following:

A. Write an essay from the point of view of a molecule in the solid phase as it absorbs energy and becomes a gas.
B. Write an informative poem about phase and energy changes.
C. Write an informative song (rap is more than welcome) about phase and energy changes.
D. Draw a high quality informative picture the depicts the behavior of molecules throughout a phase change graph.
E. Draw a comic strip with at least 6 frames depicting the behavior of molecules throughout a phase change graph.

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