5.03 FLVS Chem Lab

Topics: Gas, Temperature, Pressure Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: October 15, 2014
05.03 Gas Laws: Lab Report
Directions: Read/ Study all the lesson information in the 5.03 lesson then click the activity tab to perform two virtual labs. (There are recorded Teaching Videos for lesson 5.03. To view them click the “Help Sign” on the announcement page. Next scroll down to Lesson 5.03 stuff and you should see 5 part video links that will cover the lesson content.) Virtual Lab 1- Part I: Boyle’s Law

A sample of gas is trapped in a sealed container, which has a movable lid. Moving the lid up or down will change the volume inside the container. You will use an attached manometer to measure the pressure inside the container. Procedure:

1. Move the lid of the container up or down. Record the resulting volume and pressure inside the container. 2. Continue this process until data is obtained for at least six different volume and pressure combinations. Be sure to use a range of volume measurements to help you better compare the relationship of volume and pressure. Please record the data below in the data chart. Data and Observations:

Part 1: Boyle’s Law Lab

Pressure in (Kpa)
Volume in (mL)
Dataset 1
Dataset 2
Dataset 3
Dataset 4
Dataset 5
Dataset 6

Observations: I noticed that the pressure and volume have an inverse relationship, as one increases the other falls. With the increase of pressure the amount of volume will lessen, same with the increase of volume. As the volume increases the pressure falls.

Create a Graph on this Website: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/ Video Link on How to Make a Graph: http://evp.flvsils.com/?id=Y2hlbTUwM2dyYXBoLTEubXA0&profile=default&mode=iframe Graph:      

Answer the following questions after completing the lab.
1. Describe the relationship that you observed between pressure and volume in this lab. Refer to your data and/or graph to help support your answer.       2. Do you think there is a point at which volume cannot...
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