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A personal philosophy is cultivated through experiences, learnt behaviors, and education. Health is in itself, a philosophy. It is a multi-faceted idea that can be expressed through many different components. The seven main components of health are physical, social, emotional, spiritual, mental, sexual, and environmental health. All of these components are combinable, as well as able to stand on their own, to explain health. From my experience, the society we live in values physical health above others. However, old philosophies regarding different aspects of the six components left are beginning to reemerge. This revisiting of those philosophies has lead to "western" culture allowing new outlooks on health and its many aspects. My personal philosophy regarding health stresses the importance of spiritual, mental, and emotional health. I believe that these are three of the most important aspects of health, and cause a trickledown effect, affecting not only the 4 other aspects of health, but an overall well being.

My belief toward health, as it relates to education, has recently grown over the past few years. Not only holding opinion, but now fostering also knowledge to support the evidence I have seen. Growing up in the United States and being accustomed to a "typical" American education of sitting behind a desk, has not failed me up to this point. I feel that I have learned a lot of useful information that will assist me throughout my life. Due to my upbringing, this model of education was my idea of the best way to educate students. I saw only that America, a highly intelligent and developed nation, used this method to teach. Leading me to the conclusion that the best way to teach a subject, would be to follow suit. I assumed it was normal for students to complain about doing homework or fall back on the excuse, "when am I ever going to use this?”. Those excuses reach outside the classroom as well, raining down onto the parents at home throughout the United States. And those parents smile, repeating what the teachers say to their students. Looking back on this process, with the experience i have gained in the teaching world, it is hard for me to answer these questions. I have found that I now side not with the teachers and parents that brought me to where I am today, but with the students going through the system now, and the student that I used to be.

As a nation, we are missing out on valuable educational opportunities for our students. Leaving them lacking in many aspects of their educations, which impact their adult lives. We are so stuck on grading and standardized testing that we are limiting the amount of experiential learning students are exposed to. Unnecessary stress has been added on students by limiting their educational instruction to lectures, papers, quizzes, and tests. This paper based, data driving educational approach is not the most effective way for students to learn and grow. For example, this is demonstrated by the story of the little boy who wanted to go outside and play in the cold. Instead of telling the child how to dress, he experienced the cold for himself and eventually dressed accordingly. This idea is similar to a trade school mentality. Experience based in the field learning is what educational efforts should be focused on. If education contains a wholeistic approach, not only teaching the facts but the application and bigger picture of those facts as well, then the student that asks "how is this going to benefit me?" can be given an answer. A student spends a large chunk of their life in a school environment. I see it as our duty as teachers, which is itself a very weighted term, to be able to give a definitive answer to our students that is relatable to personal experience.

I believe a small step toward this idea of education would be to counter the idea of homework and make learning more student centered. As a student, I would never have a question about material being...
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