Health Care and Sector Skills

Topics: Health care, Sector Skills Councils, Training Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: June 18, 2014
Unit 17 – Working in the Social Care Sector
P3 and M2
In this assignment I will be explaining the roles and responsibilities of two overarching organisations that fit into Social Care. Sector skills council
The sector skills councils are a combination of 25 councils that work in partnership to create increased employer investment in skills which will drive creativity and create jobs making sustainable economic growth. The sector skills council was first established in 2008, on the 1st of April. Formally the Sector skills development agency (SSDA) was responsible for funding, supporting and monitoring and managing industries that do not meet up to the minimum standards, this was later replaced by the UKCES. The sector skills council has a responsibility to reduce skills gaps and shortages and to improve productivity. They also have a responsibility to boost the skills of their sector workforces and to improve learning supply. Its core purpose is to: Promote understanding of the role of SSCs within the skills system across the four home nations Co-ordinate policy positions and strategic work on skills with stakeholders across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Help build the performance capability of the Sector Skills Councils, to ensure they continue to work effectively on the employer-driven skills agenda Sector skills councils (SSCs) are independent, employer-led, UK-wide organisations. They are committed to working across all four nations; England

Northern Ireland
They provide the employer leadership to address skills needs within and across sectors. They provide training and help for a range of different organisations. Some of the commissioners include; McDonalds, John Lewis, Disability Rights UK, Centre Point, Turning Point The job of each Sector Skills Council will be to agree priorities and targets with its employers and partners to address 4 main goals: 1. Reducing skills gaps and shortages

2. Improving productivity,...
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