Bank Supervision

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. Inclusive Finance Advocacy Staff
• Focuses on advocacy work with financial institutions to promote sustainable methods in the delivery of microfinance and the small and medium enterprise banking services, organizing capacity-building with exposure activities within the BSP, liaising with the Congress, other agencies, international organizations, other assistance providers, and the media to inform on the BSP activities and to share knowledge, and conducting research and monitoring new developments in the field. 2. Central Administrative Services Group

• Undertakes sector wide services relating to personnel, budget and finance, records, facilities, property and supplies, and frontline services administration of the SES. Central Supervisory Support Sub-sector

1. SES Operations Management Group
• Provides dedicated support to the SES management in: (1) optimizing scarce examination resources to achieve timely and efficient conduct of risk-based on-site examinations while keeping the professional staff up-to-date on their training requirements; and (2) monitoring progress in the accomplishment of critical supervision tasks such as compliance with examination schedules, delivery of Reports of Examination (ROE) and Institutional Overview (IO), and response to requests; and • Assesses the training needs and capacity development requirements of the SES personnel, and develops the corresponding training courses and other development interventions in coordination with the BSP Institute and the Human Resource Development Department. 2. Central Applications and Licensing Group

• Evaluates requests of banks and non-banks which require approval of the BSP on matters such as the establishment of banks, branching, equity investment outsourcing and in-sourcing, cross-selling, cash or stock dividend declaration, issuance of the Foreign Currency Deposit Unit and quasi-banking licenses, acceptance of government deposits, issuance of long-term negotiable...
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