Health Care and Children

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M1 - Discuss how policies and procedures help children, young people and their families whilst the child is being looked after- identify and explain pros and cons

If you wish to meet M1 you must also discuss:

• The role of policies and procedures in helping the children and their family whilst the children are being looked after

1. Policies and procedures help to provide good quality provision 2. They make it clear to staff and parents what type of care will be provided – the principles underpinning it – and how that care will be provided

The Local Safeguarding Children’s Board sets out the general principles and values which underpin care of all children – including Looked After Children It also sets out various policies and procedures which must be followed to ensure that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children are central to all care provided

The policies and procedures are based upon underlying principles and values which are intended to promote quality care for children and young people – especially those who being looked after

a) Look at this document and summarise the key principles – for each principle – explain how the children and/or their family are being helped Local Safeguarding Children Board principles and policies.doc

b) Look at the following document to see how care is organised Information for looked after children.doc
Identify how the children and their families are being helped

c) Look at the following policies at Burleigh
Burleigh Data Protection Policy.pdf
Burleigh looked after children policy.pdf
Burleigh safeguarding and child protection policy.pdf

Summarise the key points made and explain how they help both the children and the family in the case study whilst the children are being looked after

The youngest child might attend the Burleigh Playgroup – compare their policies and procedures - is there anything more specific to help the youngest child? playgroup looked after children...
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