Health and Safety Legislation Imposes an Unnecessary Financial Burden on Businesses.

Topics: Law, Corporation, Limited liability Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Health and Safety Legislation imposes an unnecessary financial burden on businesses.


. Needs developing further as an intro

The essay first looks at Health and Safety historically, identifying key milestones that signpost how legislation has developed and mutated into the ‘corporate monster’ that some see it as today Milestones

Discuss corporate liability
Corporate liability is an assessment of the activities that a corporation may be held legally liable for in a court of law. Under the law, individual people are considered liable for their actions, but a corporation is an entity, not a person, making it somewhat more challenging to make decisions about legal liability for corporations. The law in terms of corporate liability varies worldwide and some critics have claimed that it has become significantly diluted in some regions as a result of pressure from corporations that want to avoid legal liability. Liability can be a topic of discussion in both civil and criminal cases. Debates about corporate liability surround situations when corporations may be considered at fault for the activities of their employees, including both actions and omissions. Corporations do have human agents who can be held accountable for things like fraud, environmental violations, and other activities that violate the law. Individual employees can also be brought into court if they are directly responsible for violations of the law.

What other financial burdens does H&S cause
Ratio of required people ie first aid
Administration costs
Bring in Lord Young report

The essay identifies how working societies within the western world promote examples of safe working practice and asks the question “Do we promote safe practice as though it is not the norm?”. The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has reinforced its commitment to maintain a first-class health and safety record….The performance in October means that the Olympic Park...
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