health and safety at work

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Health and Safety Policy of Dublin Bus
This safety statement has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Sections 19 & 20 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act, 2005. This Safety Statement specifies commitment, lines of responsibility and accountability for safety together with a list of Risk Assessments within the organisation. In July 2007 new and revised “General Application Regulations 2007” were published. These Regulations were signed into Law on the 1st November 2007. Prescribed under the SHWW Act 2005, these Regulations provide details of how compliance with Health & Safety legislation is to be applied in the workplace. These Regulations have been examined and appear at regular intervals throughout the Dublin Bus Safety Statement. Company Commitment

The company is committed to ensuring so far as is reasonably practicable, the Safety, Health and Welfare at work of all of its employees, as required under Section 8 of the Act, with particular regard to The provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment. The provision of a safe place of work and means of access to and egress from it. The provision and maintenance of plant and equipment and of systems of work that are as safe and without risk to health as is reasonably practicable to achieve. The provision of information, instruction, training and supervision will enhance the health and safety at work if its employees and prevent improper conduct and behaviour occurring. The safety and absence of risk to health in the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances including the provision of suitable protective clothing and equipment where hazards cannot be eliminated. The arrangement for adequate facilities for welfare, including medical and occupational health services. The maintenance of the safety, health and welfare at work of its employees which is as important as the management of production, cost effectiveness, sales etc. It is company policy to provide the appropriate resources of time, personnel, expertise and finance as required under Section 12 of the Act to enable the above responsibilities to be met. Dublin Bus is committed to the highest standard of Housekeeping. The company is committed to keeping its workplaces clean and hygienic. The company is committed to high standards of lighting in all work areas. The company will ensure comfortable working temperature,

Suitable clothing is provided that is adequate where necessary for work outdoors and in inclement weather/conditions Good ventilation while attempting to minimise draughts,
Mechanical ventilation where fresh air supply is insufficient Heating systems which do not give off fumes into the workplace, Noise levels controlled to reduce nuisance as well as damage to health, Heat stress reduced by controlling radiant heat by positioning heater units at correct levels and installing independent unit controls. It is illegal for staff to smoke in a depot, on a bus or in offices or any other indoor work areas. Under no circumstances should staff smoke in the workplace except in designated areas.

Paddy Doherty

Paddy Doherty
February 2012

Risk Assessment
Risk Rating
Control Measure
Person Responsible
Slips, trips and falls are the highest cause of accidents to employees in Dublin Bus Risk of employees and customers to fall
The risk is minimised by implementing good housekeeping standards, safe working practices and use of safe materials by cleaning staff, and insistence on the use of appropriate footwear. Paddy Doherty

Sharp Object/ needle Stick Injury
There is a risk to all staff, particularly night cleaning staff associated with picking up miscellaneous discarded items that are too large for removal by the vacuum. Medium
Staff notices highlight the importance of vigilance in regard to these hazards. Pick-up staff should use protective gloves at all...
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